Wednesday, July 23, 2014

what's your happy memory?

{Did I just make you think of Hook? If not, you've done life wrong.}

The other day I was reading a book (The City of Lost Souls in The Mortal Instruments series if you must know) in which the main characters were seeking a favor from a demon (stay with me here) and the demon asked in return for the favor, one happy memory from each of them. Not their happiest of memories per say, but just a happy one. "All of you, try to think of happy memories. They must be genuinely happy. Something that gives you pleasure in the recollection."

Naturally, I had to ask myself--what would my happy memory be?

I suppose my mind immediately goes to big events or experiences, to my graduations, to family christmas', to traveling. But what are my basic happy moments. What are day to day memories that stick out in my mind, not because of a big event surrounding it. But because I was simply happy, I felt happy, and that it was enough to remember it.

I've been thinking this over for a week now. Jotting down random ideas and memories as I think of this further. Here are some that have stuck out in my mind. Some are on the generic side, and some are very specific. This list will inevitably continue to grow, but for now:

Swimming - I have long since consider the pool and swimming laps my happy place. Probably since I was 13. I love the feel of jumping in the water (even when its cold, and I'm tired, and I dread it, there's nothing quite like the feeling of water surrounding your entire body upon entry). I love the movement of swimming, of going back and forth without stopping, how each stroke feels, flip turning on the wall. I love the water flowing in my mouth and then spitting it out. I love being in a suit, and how goggles feel on my face. I love seeing underneath the water and how the world turns a shade bluer. I love the water flowing over my back as I swim back and forth. This is my happy place. 
Movie theaters - I love going to a movie, I love wanting to see something enough that I will go somewhere and pay for it. I love sitting down in a movie theater before the previews start when its still quite and you can just be there for a moment. I love the darkness and how you can become so anonymous at a movie theater. I love a crowded audience where you laugh together and feed off the energy. And I love empty theaters where you know exactly who it was who laughed at the moment. Whether the movie was good or bad, movies theaters are a happy place. 
My nephew Henry staying by me while I was sick - One time I was in Texas and I got sick with some stomach bug that wiped me out completely and I just did not want to move. One day I laid on the couch for most of the day and my Henry sat right by me the whole time. He wanted to watch episodes of Top Gear and I become highly entertained by the show. But every once in a while, he would ask me if I was doing okay, or if I needed anything. He was 12 years old, an age when he wants to be with friends over family, and could easily begin to turn into an annoying punk, but he stayed by me the whole time and it was that sweetest thing. I doubt I'll ever forget how happy he made me feel.  
Reading a really good book - Is there anything better than being so into a book that hours go by and you didn't even notice? Where you stay up until 2am reading and you can't stop because you have to know what happens and you sacrifice your precious sleep for it.  There's nothing quite like characters stay with me long after I finish. If asked to describe my perfect day, it would be raining, and I can sit by the window and read a good book all day, with tea. That is happiness.  
Running in the canyon - A few years ago I ran the Utah Valley Half, which starts up in the canyon. I remember very distinctly while running down the canyon I looked around and saw thousands of runners filling up the road and visually it was incredible. I took out my headphones so I could appreciate it fully, and the sound of thousands of feet hitting the cement was unlike anything I've ever heard. It was magical, and in that moment I feel like I was flying alongside everyone else. Along those same lines, going running after not being able for a while there is pure happiness in the first steps. 
Nieces and nephews hugging me when they see me - Can't think of anything better than a child being excited to see you. And with that, holding a new baby (preferably one I'm related to or have some form of connection to).  
Playing with a puppy - because obviously. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

to travel: beach town.

Going to the beach this past weekend only reaffirmed what I have always known -- that I must always live by water and one day will be quite happy to live in a beach town. As soon as I'm ready to leave NY, next stop -- a beach town. (no preference as of yet as to which one.)

Is there anything better than being right be the ocean?

 photo Dana-Beach3_zps9d5e0637.jpg

 photo e5a4710cd38613ec5448b0f40d2151d1_zps1bd30c83.jpg

 photo 0ce04dccfa508a2d03a1e88da7643323_zps73cc126b.jpg

 photo 907e03b333abdd8f81f71d05f2cf97f7_zps7049334f.jpg

 photo 4deba4e46037d9b5bad81a3fa6220d06_zps46535df4.jpg

Monday, July 21, 2014

texas in new york.

A few weeks ago my brother Adam and his family were in New York for part of the day. I was able to meet up with them briefly for lunch and spend a little time in Central Park. Of course I brought my camera.

 photo IMG_2920_zps353d299b.jpg
{Sadie's running in the background is the greatest.}

 photo IMG_2922_zps1f3ec50b.jpg
{she ran off to chase the birds (aka pigeons.)}

 photo IMG_2930_zps2083bc49.jpg
{naturally, they all started climbing on the rocks.}

 photo IMG_2948_zpsefc1de9d.jpg
{quite possibly, one of my favorite photos ever.}

 photo IMG_2950_zps29af927b.jpg
{oh Sadie.}

 photo henry_zps6cd6d8cb.jpg
{I really love these shots of Henry. #dimple} 

 photo IMG_2957_zps679e6b46.jpg
{with the remains of pizza sauce and her wild hair, I'm pretty sure she was having a good time.}

 photo IMG_2970_zps7fa83a01.jpg
{deep thoughts, no doubt.}

 photo IMG_2958_zps9ffff19e.jpg
{she was very determined that I took a photo of her in this pose.}

 photo IMG_2963_zpsa4de4d08.jpg

 photo IMG_2971_zps3fcc5656.jpg
{Caroline on the rocks.}

 photo IMG_2973_zpsc681687b.jpg
{I love how this photo turned out. the lighting. the girls mid climb. it's perfect.} 

 photo IMG_2976_zpseceb226e.jpg
{father + daughter.}

 photo IMG_2986_zpsb0a66b36.jpg
{and then Henry took this pose and my camera loved it.}

 photo IMG_2988_zpsb4908f37.jpg

 photo IMG_2990_zpse2448e39.jpg
{I can't say for sure, but this was probably a reaction to a soccer game that was being played in the park. } 

Friday, July 18, 2014


"Take your pleasure seriously.”          
- Charles Eames 

 photo 45a2e910dcd607935aa2a48f03b61665_zpsfe936f77.jpg

Thursday, July 17, 2014

thursday. (teen wolf edition.)

It's no secret I love this show. I love the high school drama and the ridiculous supernatural story lines. Recently I convinced one of my friends to watch and she quickly became obsessed (clearly that is why we're are friends), and through her I relived why I love this show.

And it's not just because the cast is ridiculously beautiful. Although, the definitely helps.

 photo tumblr_m7ivp5baAe1rt3fn2_zpsc9b6f6c1.gif
{miss you, Jackson.}

 photo tylerhoechlin_eyebrows_zps4ad7b3ac.gif
{derek, never change.}

 photo tumblr_mfz8hmfKar1r4v34qo1_500_zps4d60298a.gif
{dear sweet isaac, i just want to protect you.}

 photo original_zps9446aea5.gif
{stiles, you're my favorite one.}

 photo tumblr_maf3oie9wG1qkdght_zpse0a506a7.gif
{and for all things hair envy, lydia.}

 photo Teen-Wolf-cast-teen-wolf-35249334-500-300_zps48ab6f24.gif
{oh you beautiful cast you.}

Happy Thursday.