Thursday, April 24, 2014

thursday. (hair envy edition.)

Anyone who knows me well knows I'm pretty all over the place with my hair. I'll go from long to short, and from dark to blonde and back again without any hesitation. I'm pretty fearless when it comes to my hair, which is both a blessing and a curse. I love trying to things, but that means I'm always wanting something new. I'm always wanting a new color, or get a new cut--I'm never satisfied.

I think it goes back to my swimming days. Being in water both morning and afternoons for 2 hrs meant my hair was basically always wet. And pretty much lived in a bun at the top of my head. I wasn't very adventurous with my hair during those years (but man, did I ever master the messy bun), I think that now I compensate with wanting a little bit of everything.

Right now my hair is in the weird length, the use-to-be-short-but-not-long-yet length that every girl despises. I'm letting it grow for the summer because I want it to be long enough I can pull it up easily in the heat, so I'm forcing myself not to cut it again. And having not yet found the courage to find a stylist to color my hair out here in the city, I'm stuck living with what I've got at the moment.

So for now I live through viewing pictures of some great hair.

 photo fea46758db10d13ed33fb1cd3018fdbb_zps14e2fb28.jpg
{I think forever and always, Emma will be my hair envy celebrity. She has the best hair. Always. I'm so glad right now she is going with long hair, because when she cuts it, I always want to follow.}

 photo 1e2baa302856ed9b44375ed03b827c69_zpsb9df85c3.jpg
{I don't know who this is, but I love it.}

 photo faf0180b4eb55ce059b8b202335a6dc1_zps3d69161c.jpg
{I mean, this is like perfection.}

 photo b8e5a60112b0e2c95b377fc4eb7c6ad0_zpsd1f6c3fe.jpg
{the pixie look on JLaw hasn't been my favorite (but she still looks amazing.) but I'm loving this length on her. I'm pretty exciting for upcoming x-men press pics with hair this length.}

 photo ac96ad5a5d52950c93690963908887cd_zpsc56adc81.jpg
{I know some who don't love Shailene's pixie cut, but I adore it one her. I love this so much more than her long hair. don't get me wrong, she has amazing hair. but I just love the pixie look for her.}

 photo 063d5d9048f9664fd5731e67b011825f_zps720ad950.jpg

Happy Thursday. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

a bridal shower tea party.

This past weekend, my Jenny friend and I threw our friend Amy a Bridal Shower Tea Party. Once the idea of tea party found its way into our minds we really ran with it. It turned out pretty adorable, we're kind of proud of ourself.

A few Saturday's ago we went searching for tea cups at the flea markets in Chelsea. Little did we know that this would be a gold mine for tea cups. If you are ever in need, I know right where to take you. 

My friend did all the cooking, because let's face it, it's best if I avoid the kitchen.  My contribution came in decorating and presentation. 

I loved doing this. Basically, I should just throw parties all the time. 

 photo teacups2_zps09afa1cd.jpg
{the tea cups. that brick wall of mine is outstanding for pictures like this.}

 photo photo16_zps5f0d5580.jpg
{the tea cups were the party favors personalized and with bags of tea.}

 photo photo11_zpsf5dbbba1.jpg
{chicken croissants + scones.}

 photo photo14_zpsa69bf4fe.jpg
{aerial view.}

 photo photo13_zps597ca665.jpg
{fruit + bags of biscotti. (which is literally, my favorite.}

 photo photo15_zps48caa749.jpg

 photo photo17_zps840548d9.jpg
{we had a slideshow set up of pictures of the bride + groom.}

No pictures from the actual event, but who wants to see that anyway. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

to travel: socotra island, yemen

Let it be known right here and now, if I ever have the opportunity to film a sci-fi movie, I will film it on this island.
Socotra is a small archipelago of four islands in the Indian Ocean. The island is very isolated and a third of its plant life is found nowhere else on the planet. It has been described as "the most alien-looking place on Earth". Socotra is one of the most-isolated landforms on Earth of continental origin (i.e. not of volcanic origin).
Majority of these images come from National Geographic.

First the terrain. It's so varied.

 photo 07-wadi-meanders-seaward-hajhir-mountains-670_zps4556fcbb.jpg

 photo 13-socotra-varied-coastline-670_zpsd84f73fc.jpg
{"Socotra's varied coastline comprises sandy beach, boulders, mudflats, and both living and fossil coral reefs. Marine resources remain vital: Many islanders make their living from fishing at least part of the year."}

 photo 15-crotons-grow-as-tall-shrubs-670_zpsad223176.jpg

 photo 11-aomak-beach-sand-dunes-670_zps1bab4276.jpg
{white sand dunes.}

 photo 03-hajhir-mountain-clouds-670_zpsf7f9b669.jpg

Plant life:

 photo 01-socotra-icon-dragons-blood-tree-670_zpsd6087ba5.jpg
{the dragon's blood tree uses its upraised branches to grab moisture from highland mists. }

 photo 02-dragons-blood-tree-diksam-plateau-670_zpscc0e85f8.jpg
{The limestone of Socotra's interior plains formed when ancient seas covered the land.}

 photo 06-dragons-blood-forest-devoid-of-seeds-670_zps740091df.jpg
{a dragon blood forest.}

 photo 14-frankincense-tree-homhil-670_zpsb41d4e3c.jpg
{A frankincense tree. I didn't know there were frankincense trees.}

 photo 10-desert-rose-670_zps3d66592f.jpg 
{"The desert rose got its name from its blossoms, though the plant is not related to cultivated roses. Herders tie strips of the poisonous bark around the necks of young goats in an effort to protect them from marauding feral cats." - I'm sorry, what??}

 photo 17-maalah-cliffs-desert-rose-670_zps7d8711c5.jpg

Animal life: 

 photo 04-chamaeleo-monachus-670_zps26828cf6.jpg
{"Chamaeleo monachus is found solely on Socotra, as are 90 percent of the island's other reptiles. Local people believe the chameleon is magic: It's said that a person hearing its hiss will lose the ability to speak."}

 photo 08-endemic-freshwater-crab-ipad-670_zps89b3cdd0.jpg
{"The freshwater crab Socotrapotamon socotrensis is endemic to the island. With no native fish as competitors, these predatory crabs occupy the top spot on the aquatic food chain."}

 photo 05-land-snails-climb-trees-zahr-plain-670_zpsbee3c043.jpg
{"Land snails climb trees on Socotra's arid Zahr Plain to escape heat—and also carnivorous beetles—but then they're exposed to hungry birds" -- such a loaded sentence, I don't know what concerns me most; giant snails climbing trees, or carnivorous beetles. I mean, obviously the beetles, but still.}

 photo 12-brown-booby-lands-670_zps0a4504f2.jpg

 photo Sokotra-Island_Yemen_7O6_zps1786a787.jpg

Monday, April 21, 2014

that time i lived in hawaii.

Once upon a time I decided to transfer to Hawaii to go to college. And it was the best decision. I realized last week after going through past posts I had never really written about hawaii. I started this blog just after I graduated, and I never took the time to post about it. Its been one of my new goals to write more about past memories and experiences so I have them to look back on.

So, here is a brief overview of my time spent in hawaii for two years via some of my favorite pictures. Back when I was always tan. (I didn't have my nice camera back then, so the quality is obviously different.) Weirdly, although I lived with my aunt Beth for the whole time I was out there, I don't have any pictures of the two of us. I suppose more often than not it was one of us taking the picture of the other. But let it be known, I'll always be endlessly grateful to my aunt for letting me come stay with her.

And even though it's finally spring and the weather is starting to get a little bit better, these beaches look heavenly.

 photo DSC04153_zpsbbf1261e.jpg
{why I loved hawaii: because the ocean and beach was around me all the time.}

 photo DSC02284_zpsfbae7bff.jpg
{and I lived amongst palm trees.}

Many friends came to visit: 
 photo hawaii_zpsead4620a.jpg
{clockwise: nicki came + kelsey came + catie came + mallory came. clearly I would take a certain type of picture.}

 photo hawaii2_zps636cc234.jpg
{randomly ran into old swim teammates at a grocery store + met up with olivia and joe when they were on vacation (this was the first time I had ever met joe.)}

 photo DSC02264_zpsa12d6e5d.jpg

These girls, I can't even....they are the best. Heather, Clar, Stef, Sam, Heidi, Kat.
 photo hawaii5_zps3446f5ae.jpg
{this picture turned out foggy cause moisture kept getting in the camera, but I actually really love it + hands down one of my all time favorite photos of us (we were actually delivering a plate of cookies, so it was kindness) + hanging out at heather's place (I think it was my birthday) + another one of my favorite photos of us.}

 photo hawaii6_zps183aca07.jpg
{we were out on the beach just sitting, and got hit by a rogue wave which covered us completely (and my cell phone) + on the way to the beach + at the beach + random night we ended up in the water.}

 photo hawaii4_zps9ecf861d.jpg
{drive to honolulu to eat at the cheesecake factory + at the beach + we made an awesome truck cake for our friend + we found the black pearl on set for pirates of the caribbean.}

 photo hawaii7_zps4fa16cc7.jpg
{double piggy back in the water + asian eyes with stef + hiking diamond head + stef being a creeper on the beach.}

 photo DSC02491_zps2c7426a3.jpg

 photo hawaii3_zpse9c6d57e.jpg
{my job was at the Registrar's office. and it was kind of the best. }

 photo n193307694_32991489_9411_zps0d7050f5.jpg
{because things like this would sometimes happen. (the town flooded and people took to canoes.)}

 photo hawaii9_zps25e54d20.jpg
{catie and doug and the hilarious dorm signs + me climbing a palm tree + me working hard (obviously) + me and sam at work.}

 photo DSC04158_zpsaa77fc6c.jpg

 photo DSC04631_zps9609bf59.jpg
{then I graduated and my parents came. (and I'm pretty sure they fell in love with hawaii.)}

 photo hawaii8_zpsb73e956f.jpg
{my graduation with friends.}

 photo DSC04654_zps14041113.jpg
{in the end, seeing these turtles was everything.}

Friday, April 18, 2014


“Alas! they had been friend in youth;
but whispering tongues can poison truth;
and constancy lives in realms above;
and life is thorny; and youth is vain;
and to be wroth with one we love,
doth work like madness in the brain.

Each spake words of high disdain
And insult to his hearts best brother;
They parted—-ne’r to meet again!
But never either found another.

To free the hollow heart from paining-
They stood aloof, the scars remaining,
Like cliffs which had been rent asunder;
A dreary sea now flows between.
But neither heat, nor frost, nor thunder,
Shall wholly do away, I ween,
The marks of that which once hath been.

          - Coleridge

 photo c60753718e4735666d580c91e55cb863_zps68ccd80a.jpg